The things to choose the best configure of e books

Nowadays most of the custom based articles and research topics come in an electronic format as e books which can be accessible in the portable devices like tablets, smartphone and personal computers. The e book has been maintained in different formats and some of the reader apps are available in the application stores. It has lower memory size and it can be stored in some of the external memory devices like memory sticks, floppy and compact disc. The scientific e books are charged for a particular amount and some of the books can be downloaded for free of cost. Generally the e books are in PDF file format. The main benefit of this book is the user can change the format and font size based on their wish. In the low memory the book contains more and more information. The developers are making more formats to use the e books in different devices like kindle e book format. The reader software is used to give a perfect appearance to the e books. This type of digital book format is presented in many different offline and online stores. So the user has to select the best format which is compatible with the devices. The most essential e book formats are explained below with various details. The format which is used to run on the palm devices like tablets and smartphones with different operating systems is mobile pocket. This format has salient features and the font, skin color can be changed. 


The user can select the page as bookmark. The navigation of pages can be easily carried out by the users. They can also tag the particular location and share the pages with some other friends by using social Medias. One of the famous reader software is designed by Microsoft which can give more options to the users to highlight the particular content and make the jot down while reading this e book formats. Another reader friendly format is kindle e book format which comprises all type of standard information and gives more illustrated images to give perfect understanding concept to the users. the wrapping of words and change the font size in to desired one are the important features of this electronically published book formats. Including this, some of the extra formats are also available to maintain the traditional based contents and research articles with reading and printing formats is HTML.


Some of the readily available e books which does not require any kind of extra software to read the content. The most familiar format is MS word which can be shown with easy readability. The user can make the hard copy of the content by using this format and it can be easily editable. Most of the contents and articles are available online with this format. So the best and final way of choosing e books format is the user has to predict recommended format for devices.

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